In middle of painting Derech Avot, 2009

Binyamin Laukstein is a worldwide awarded Artist and innovative Web developer living in Israel. He is known for his uniqueness, passion, and chase after a better world.

Where it Began

Before my birth I saw a light and felt peace and complete harmony.

Binyamin Laukstein

Binyamin Laukstein was born in 1985, Latvia.
Already as a small kid, he stuck to art, exploring tech and science. His sketchbooks were filled with paintings and drawings, windows were regularly glued with his paintings to dry. He was unscrewing watches and toys to learn how they work. He was experimenting with different techniques, combining materials, and creating objects, was obsessed with minimalism and realism, and always looking to explore more.

Getting into Art

I am very thankful for my family's support and my teachers' confidence in me.

In his early years in the children's garden, he and other kids got clay to improvise and do the "art". All kids were confused except Laukstein made a nice bowl. Teacher Inara Cerbaha noticed his creativity and potential talent and advised his mum to send him to the art school. Years after at age eight Laukstein began art studies at Dundaga Art School held by artist Ausma Goldberga, in Dundaga Castle.

My great grandfather's uncle, an artist, said: there is a no bigger opportunity to become a great artist than by studying in JRRMV.

Velta Lauksteine

In 2000 Laukstein was the first in Dundaga's history accepted into Janis Rosenthal Art Collage (JRRMV). Academic art studies were very challenging, having a unique approach from every artist-teacher, with especially high expectations in fine arts, classic painting, and drawing

While in JRRMV I was especially excellent in Web design, I picked a challenge to make my final work in fine art and paint an uncapturable moment for eyes.

In 2005 he graduated as an Artist in Visual Arts with the final work "Water Splash" led by artist Aija Jurjane.

13 years of art studies brought him marvelous success and appreciation among many countries.

Move to Israel

Different norms, language, and cultureā€¦ It took time to become one, to be a part of the Jewish people. And I am very proud of it and thankful to God.

Laukstein felt different from others. He cared about being truthful with himself and others, and years before JRRMV graduation he found Jews' existence and his beliefs answered in Judaism.
After graduation, in 2005, he moved to Israel and converted to Judaism.

Award in Web Innovation

Presenting in W3C HTML5FEST, 2012

In 2001 I became passionate about how the Web works and how easily it changes the world's knowledge. Since then I make the Web a better place and in my spare time propose Web standards, and UX concepts, advise major companies and innovate.

At age 16, Laukstein everyday evenings explored computer science, design, and Web development in JRRMV. He kept studying the Web autodidactically and did a lot of volunteering. Laukstein thought "I know to be good at art and design, let's see what I am capable of in Web development" and in 2012 applied to the HTML5 Fest contest and was awarded 2nd place by all Israeli developers and innovative tech companies.

At age 23 he got his first computer. Till then designed and developed on shared public PCs and phones, even sketched Web designs on paper and wrote code in a notebook.

Art is a Lifestyle

Art is a way I see the world. I see art and its connections everywhere, in life, nature, attitude, speech, organizing things, and making decisions.