In the beginning of God's creation #3, 2022

In the beginning of God's creation #3, 2022

  • Medium
    Acrylic on chipboard
  • Dimensions
    70 × 50.5 cm

Conceptual art "Genesis" (בראשית) and series of "In the beginning of God's creation" (בראשית ברא אלהים).

"It has been said all creation began from a single point. So I put a point with a fingerprint to symbolize God's fingerprint of all creations. You might think it was dark and should be black. I painted in white hearing mysteries of Kabbalah saying black is actually a concentrated white.
I have seen a sunny day turn dark when the earth's atmosphere is hit by a meteor, turning the impact lighter than sunlight. White can be black and create a brighter light.

God created light and separated it from the darkness. Light and darkness, white and black, it morphs and coexists every day. Sometimes light gets ahead, sometimes darkness. And it might be hard to see the boundary of it."

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