Pixel 35-byte, 2022

Pixel 35-byte, 2022

The smallest image in the world.
You might think there is nothing to see, while there is actually a 1 pixel image - the smallest graphic representable on screen.

"Pixel 24-byte" and "Pixel 35-byte" are conceptual artworks in size of 1x1 pixel and in extreme file size that no graphic program, even Photoshop, is able to reproduce.
1x1 pixel is the smallest unit represented on screens, widely used in software and the Web to expand limits and overcome challenges.
Many companies use 1px transparent images for analytics and user tracking. Web developers in the early days used it to overcome limits, e.g. display lines and backgrounds, increase clickable area, and prevent clicking - today this is a history and easily achievable with Web standards.

"Pixel 35-byte" is the smallest fully and equally supported transparent GIF image in the size of only 35 bytes and in a resolution of 1x1 pixel.

Pixel 35-byte comparison on Chrome 100, Firefox 98, Safari 15 and IE11

"Pixel 35-bytes" is displayed the same - transparent in Chrome 100, Firefox 98, Safari 15, Photoshop, and IE11.

GIF image base64 code: 

(Adobe Photoshop is able to reduce 1px GIF size down to 43 bytes, Facebook Pixel 1px size to 44 bytes, Google Analytics 35 bytes)