#returnart (8 years of silence), 2022

The conceptual art "#returnart (8 years of silence)" is 8 hours of silenced media in memory of 8 years of artist Binyamin Laukstein's life without creating a new painting.

In 2022 turned eight years since my last painting. Me being busy with work and raising 5 kids. Now I came back to #returnart and hope to keep it this way.
Art is the way I express myself and share what I feel and how I see the world around me.
During the last 8 years, I have achieved a lot. I relocated 3 times, become a father of 5 kids, become a senior engineer, and created many Web projects.

Art is everywhere, you only need to see it.

Art as I see it is a speech of the soul, it is a mirror of two worlds - the artist and the one looking into the artwork. It unnecessarily needs to have a shape or color. Similar to not always being able to find the right words to describe what you feel, see, and would like to tell. Art is a way to express more and have a story in it.

Since I was a kid, many have told me not to leave art. I studied academic art for 13 years and art is my life even when I don't paint. It turned out I also became a great developer. Sometimes when I code I feel like I'm painting. It has many common things such as creativity, concept, composition, shape, color, and interaction. And art and technology can merge.

Art is appreciated everywhere, but not as much valued everywhere to make a living from it, even when you are told it comes with patience.

Different cultures and countries approach and appreciate, and value art differently. I live in Israel where art is often put on the side and high-tech is highly valued. These days this might be relevant everywhere due to technology often replacing art, and everyone feeling like an artist with a single touch on a screen.

I never want to stop doing art in whatever expression it comes from me. It is the way I feel, the way I see the world, and speak