The personal website has become my life-time project. The more I learn, I find more adjustments.

The vision of it began in early 2001 with a simple artwork portfolio. My out-of-school time was filled with exploring computer science, designing and developing Web. Still in 2001 the whole Web was filled with popups, ads and flash intros, and the "power browser" was Netscape while IE6 wasn't even yet released.
When my first website was built, I thought "It is awesome! Perhaps there's no way to build my own social media portal or a chat system...". Not for a big surprise I began with Flash fullscreen website, after switched to semantic HTML with tables and time to time removed outdated syntax, and still continue to improve it with the latest standards and UX concepts. By the way, I worked on my own social-media portal before Facebook was created.

My favorite front-end technologies are HTML Living Standard - HTML5, CSS4, JavaScript APIs, ES6, POSH.
I propose standards, participate in next cutting-edge tech, keep myself updated on latest spec drafts.
I feel against using outdated, useless technologies. Flash slumped in 2011, Android is Flash imitation, Silverlight did not push itself, Java is deprecated, ASP.NET designed only for Windows, Photoshop doesn't cover responsive design, JavaScript frameworks are harmful, etc.

In next few years standard websites will be changed to Webapp tech, and it is the position I work since 2009.

Binyamin Laukstein

My website from time to time has been redesigned, upgraded and relocated to different domains.
Since 2011 hosted on Cloud.
Since 2009 under domain